Since 25th of August 2006 the headquarters of TOX-Dübel is located in Krauchenwies-Ablach near to Sigmaringen in the South of Germany. Founded in Überlingen in 1941 the company has over 100 employees, supported by a sales force throughout Germany.  The factory produces round the clock.  At least three shifts are required to cover the high level of demand from around the world for the fixing technology brand from Germany. 

TOX’s range of products includes: all-purpose fixings, expansion fixings, extra long fixings, metal cavity fixings, heavy-duty anchors, plumbing and special fastenings. In addition, distance fastenings, facade, frame and insulation fixings, and hook screws combined with fixings are offered.

TOX fixings are available from DIY stores and specialized dealers. Various publications are available from the company for dealers, tradesmen and planners. Our catalogue contains full details about the product spectrum; the "Application Manual for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts" provides competent advice while working on the job (practical DIN A6-size); and the “Planning Folder" provides planners with answers to their technical queries. In addition, enquiries are dealt with directly by our employees.