Innovations in the building material sector have led to the availability of a growing number and variety of building materials. At the same time, the range of suitable fastenings and fixings has also increased. Those working with building materials and fixings are spoilt for choice. As the selection of fixing primarily depends on the building material, it is, therefore, necessary to distinguish between the products on offer.

For this reason, TOX has integrated a building materials guide into its product catalogue and application manual to make an initial selection easier.  After that, further considerations need to be made, regarding where the fixing is to be carried out (special requirements such as corrosion protection, loads and the type of installation required).

That is the way to ensure the right choice of product!

Certain rules also apply in installing fixings. Further information and useful tips about this can be found in the following chapters. Take note of these basic rules and unstable fixings will soon be a thing of the past!