Optimal distribution of strength for a secure hold in difficult undergrounds

  • Best holding capabilities in lightweight perforated bricks
  • Easy on modern building materials
  • Highest professional quality – 100% nylon

Areas of application

  • Fastening in the medium load range, indoors and outdoors
  • Specially for lightweight perforated brick and perforated brick with low apparent density / compressive strength (e.g. Poroton®)
  • Can also be used in solid building materials, sold brick, sand-lime brick, porous concrete, clinker, natural stone and old, uneven masonry (e.g. for renovation work)
  • Suitable for metal constructions, wooden elements, plumbing work, washbasins, boilers, radiators, ledges, electrical control cabinets, etc.


  • Higher holding capabilities than standard plastic fixings
  • Immediate load bearing capabilities
  • Extremely gentle strength distribution in the building material
  • Also suitable for bridging of plaster, tiles, screed due to the controlled expansion pressure
  • New movable fin locks prevent turning in the building material
  • Large anchoring depth guarantees high holding capabilities
  • Temperature resistance –40 to + 80 degrees
  • Halogen-free/silicon-free (<0.5%)
  • For using with wood screws, hangar bolts, chipboard screws
  • Highest professional quality – 100% nylon
  • Wide range of application in many branches

Drill hole without impact!
Insert the PSD-SL fixing into the drill hole.
Select screw depending on the application.
Secure hold!