Who are we addressing?

Employees involved in sales or customer service in the office, and sales representatives in the field, who would like to improve their knowledge in the field of general fixing technology and fixing techniques.

  • Updating current knowledge
  • Improving sales techniques and giving advice
  • Competent, practical advice
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Minimising complaints and wrong information

Companies and their employees who would like to improve their know-how in carrying out planning and installation safely and economically.

  • Updating current knowledge
  • Efficient, economic planning and installation
  • Fixing in accordance with the current state of technology
  • Legal safety

How is such a seminar organized?

  • Learning material is tailored to the participants’ needs
  • Varied and descriptive presentation
  • With projectors, flip charts, samples, and lectures
  • Test runs and practical demonstrations

Comprehensive and well-structured documents are provided for parallel use in the seminars. They are particularly well suited for using after the seminar to read up on various topics, go into the material in more depth, or as reference material.

A selection of topics:

  • Legal principles involved in fixing
  • Standards and approvals
  • Corrosion: causes, effects and prevention
  • Fire protection
  • Materials and properties
  • Loads, load bearing performance, effects
  • Installation and causes of wrong application
  • Building Materials

Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the seminar, or following a final examination, certifying attendance at the training course.